What is Valor?

Valor is a Cru ministry for college and high school ROTC cadets, midshipmen and veterans on college campuses, as well as cadets at foreign military service academies. The mission of Valor is to fulfill the Great Commission by winning students being trained to be officers in the U.S. military, building them in their faith, and sending them into the world to impact our military and other nations for Christ

Our Staff

Bryce & Elissa Thomasson

Howdy! We are Bryce and Elissa Thomasson and we have the pleasure to be the Team Leaders at Texas A&M with Valor. Our hope for the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M is that we would see the culture changed from one of striving to define oneself by their abilities—to one changed by the gospel that reconciles everyone back to God and shows them how to serve one another. We see the great importance of “winning” people to Jesus, “building” them up through discipleship and leadership, and “sending” them out as officers and graduates to live following Christ.

Zach & Kathleen Habersang

Zach is Squadron 21 Class of 2013 and was saved after his sophomore year in the Corps of Cadets and discipled by Valor. Kathleen came to Christ at an early age and grew up in a family that spent time daily in the Word. She graduated from Texas A&M Commerce where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Zach and Kathleen share a deep desire to live their lives wholly and completely to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. After getting married in February 2017, they moved to Harlingen at the southern tip of Texas. Zach became the Chaplain at the Marine Military Academy, and Kathleen worked as a registered nurse at a nearby hospital. In April 2019, Zach and Kathleen were blessed with a baby boy (Josh) and then in March 2021 were blessed with a second baby boy (Sam). Zach and Kathleen joined the Aggie Valor team in April 2022 and are excited to raise up future leaders who know the Lord and are equipped to be on mission to make disciples of all nations!